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What are the keys to landing the right job after graduation?

A resume that focuses on the unique advantages you have to offer – and the ability to ace an interview.

I am specially trained to help you do both.

Even though I already had a resume, it seemed like I just had a list of jobs in different industries. It wasn’t until Helen helped me sift through my work history and discover numerous transferable skills and positive habits that help give me a leg up on the competition.

– Christopher, Johnson & Wales

Our two children worked with Helen. We saw and heard their confidence grow through every step of the process – as they identified the differences they already made, built a resume that truly reflected who they are, crafted meaningful cover letters, and prepared for interviews. I can think of no better graduation gift to prepare your children for employment than working with Helen. She is a game changer and we are forever grateful.

– Elyse, parent

Your Resume Is Your Most Powerful Asset

The best tool you have in finding a great job is a great resume. It gets you noticed, helps you land an interview – and then guides you through the conversation.

What Makes a Great Resume?

So many college seniors only describe what they did in their jobs, internships, and volunteer work – and that means they often miss the opportunity to explain the value they provided.

Simply put, the job duties don’t matter as much as the difference you made because it was you doing the job.

Resume Development

Helen started by learning about my past work experiences and the unique impact I had brought to each role. Her perceptive questions helped identify my strengths, working habits, and preferences, and she used these to spark discussions on the future paths I could take, helping me weigh my options after graduation.

By then teaching me to strategically frame these insights for each new job application, Helen helped build the confidence I needed to tackle interviews and land my first-choice job.

– Henry, Williams College

Want to Ace the Interview? Build Rapport.

Sure, being able to discuss your education and experience matter in an interview – but just as critical is your ability to build rapport.

Making the Connection.

Building rapport is how you interact and connect with your interviewer. You know you are in rapport when your gut tells you, “WOW! We have great chemistry!” Communication feels easy and this makes all the difference.

My son’s confidence grew during his work with Helen.  I was fascinated by what he learned about himself and how his resume was transformed to reflect him.  He’s even taught me some of the rapport building techniques for interviewing.  I even use them now.

-Polly, Mother of MIT graduate


your interview style.

Be dynamic…

in your interactions with your interviewers.

Build confidence…

to comfortably answer a variety of questions.

With 20 years of experience in neuro-linguistic psychology, I can assess and improve your rapport skills – both verbal and non-verbal – to help you respond to your interviewer in a way that builds a strong connection.

It was learning about rapport that changed everything for me.  I am sure it was key to my successful interview at Google.

– Mike, Dartmouth

Finding the Right Fit For You.

How do you like to work? Alone? As part of a team? What’s your approach to problem solving? Knowing the answers will not only help you get the job you want, but succeed when you’re in it.

Throughout our sessions, I’ll work closely with you to help you answer these questions, so you know which opportunities to seek, and how you’re likely to fit within an organization’s culture.

At anytime throughout your search, you can call on me to help guide you in making the right choices.

Work With Me

The Process


current resume


your employment goals



what matters to you about a workplace


the work we’ll do together

Deep Dive

into your experience

Creating Chemistry!

an introduction to rapport building



first rapport building exercise


appropriate job descriptions


first rapport building exercise;
assign second


in-progress resume; continue in-depth exploration of your experience



on your work style and approach to goals and problem solving


on how to use your experience to answer interview questions


on second rapport building exercise;
context for third


of more fully developed resume for your review



on third rapport building exercise


on how to attain rapport in first minute of interview


completed resume



on third rapport building exercise


(optional) cover letter customization

HK Star


for jobs!

Resume Development


Why Work With Me?

My career includes work as a corporate recruiter, trainer, and coach, and a therapist practicing neuro-linguistic psychology. As I work with students like you, who are facing their first major job search, I bring to bear a unique combination of experience and skill.

My Story

Earning a graduate degree in sociology, early in my career I took advantage of an opportunity to co-own an executive recruiting firm, and spent years finding talent worldwide for a variety of manufacturing and service industries. I learned what employers looked for, what they asked and how they responded to interviewees – and I built an expertise in assessing and coaching job candidates.

After fifteen years of recruiting, I took a three-year program in neuro-linguistic psychology – a specialized study that focuses on how people think, communicate, and interact. I started a therapy practice for individuals and couples, but later began using the principles of my study to coach business owners and executives during difficult times of organizational change.

When I developed my grandson’s resume and coached him for his interviews, I came face-to-face with the challenges college seniors face when finding their first full-time job. That is when, in 2013, I was inspired to transform my practice and specialize in resume development and interview coaching for college seniors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work together?
  • The first step is for you – the student – to send me an initial resume that lists and describes education, work experience and volunteer experience.
  • During a set of four to five scheduled phone calls, I’ll lead in-depth interviews to explore your accomplishments, strengths, working styles, and rapport skills.
  • In between calls, I will share the portions of the resume that I have developed to date, and an email tailored to how the newly written descriptions can specifically be used to answer various interview questions. Guidance on the effective use of the resume in an interview is part of each phase of resume development.
How long will the process take?

On average, the process to develop the resume takes about a month. Typically, the phone meetings are scheduled a week apart and run four to five hours, in total. My analysis, resume writing, and email communications take an additional four to five hours.

How do we start?

Contact me to schedule an initial phone call to see if I’m the right fit for you.